WHAM Board Selects Spirit of Alexandria Foundation as 2018 Charity


The WHAM board has selected The Spirit of Alexandria Foundation as the official WHAM charity for 2018, with a portion of profits from each event going to support the foundation’s the work.
Per The Spirit of Alexandria’s webpage:The Spirit of Alexandria Foundation supports all of the things important to Alexandria Bennett – the wonder of nature, the quest for knowledge, the potential of life and the beauty and interest in everything around us. She had a voracious appetite for knowledge and had an understanding of many things beyond her young age.

We, her family and friends, have pledged through the Foundation to continue her quest by helping others experience the wonderment she felt and the vision she had to help others through education and scientific understanding of nature. The Foundation will work in cooperation with organizations that have similar missions, to fund projects that make nature more accessible to children or individuals in low income areas and those with special needs within the meaning of section 501(c)(3).

Through the Spirit of Alexandria Foundation, it is our mission to create a safe space for children to grow in their knowledge and love for the natural world, and in turn spark a new generation of environmentally-conscious explorers.


To learn more about the foundation, go to http://www.spiritofalexandria.org


The Walking Horse Association of Michigan is dedicated to encourage and promote the riding, exhibiting, breeding and pride in ownership of our breed.

Sound and Natural

It’s not only our mission – It’s our tradition.

The Walking Horse, the sole possessor of a uniquely inherited gait, exemplifies gentleness and versatility and excels as a family horse in the show ring and on the trails. For over a century, this horse has been walking naturally proud through American history.

The Walking Horse Association of Michigan has been in existence since 1954. The original premise was to bring the Tennessee Walking Horse breed to Michigan and provide people with a wonderful gaited breed. What started as a small group of people who only wanted to show the Tennessee Walking Horse has now evolved into a passionate group of owners, riders, breeders and trainers who stand behind the belief of sound, natural walking horses.

Through the years, WHAM has continued to evolve to support the changing needs and desires of its membership. Fancy high stepping performance horses have given way to the trail and versatility horses. For some people, this is a family tradition; for others, it is a period in time where they enjoyed the camaraderie of a long easy trail ride. For whatever purpose that people enjoy their walking horses, WHAM has been the backbone of what it means to be involved with this great gaited breed.

WHAM provides the avenue for solid breeding through its futurity process. This is how we prove that our horses are natural and what we want to carry forward. WHAM also ensures adherence to the standards of the USDA and the Horse Protection Act of 1972. WHAM, and its members, self regulate to ensure sound horses in all competitions. Many of our members will only ride a walking horse out on the trail. The pride of ownership is self-evident whenever you chat with someone who has completed the Michigan Shore-to-Shore ride as the first thing they say is that the ride was smooth and the horse didn’t get tired.

One of the biggest reasons that WHAM is one of the longest standing state-wide walking horse clubs is because of our mission. We have never wavered from it and will continue in the next fifty-four years because it is not only our tradition, it is our mission that we are dedicated to encourage and promote the riding, training, breeding, and pride of ownership of the sound, natural walking horse.

The Walking Horse Association of Michigan is a sound horse club and we proudly affiliate with the National Walking Horse Association.


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